Pokemon Blazed Glazed Download (Latest Version)

Pokemon Blazed Glazed

Download Patched Pokemon Blazed Glazed GBA Rom

  • Creator: toduo
  • Version: Version 1.3
  • Hack of: Emerald
  • Updated: March 19, 2017

Pokemon Blazed Glazed is a GBA Rom Hack by toduoof Based on the original Pokemon Emerald game that comes with various enhancements and novel features. The game has been transformed to offer an improved gaming experience to players with additional challenges and gameplay elements. It offers a unique blend of both old and new features that have been incorporated to give the game a fresh and exciting feel. Overall, Pokemon Blazed Glazed provides a refreshing take on the classic Pokemon game.

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Pokemon Blazed Glazed Story and Gameplay

The game is set in the Tunod region, a brand new area with new towns, cities, and gyms to explore. The story follows the player character as they journey through Tunod to become the strongest trainer in the region. Along the way, they will encounter new and familiar Pokemon, as well as other trainers who will challenge them to battles.

The game play in Pokemon Blazed Glazed is similar to that of the original Pokemon games. Players start by choosing a starter Pokemon and then travel through the region, battling other trainers and catching new Pokemon to add to their team. One of the unique features of this game is the inclusion of a Battle Frontier, where players can battle against tough opponents and earn Battle Points to exchange for prizes. Additionally, there are a number of side quests and optional areas to explore, such as the Tunod Safari Zone and the World Championship tournament.

Overall, Pokemon Blazed Glazed offers a fun and challenging experience for fans of the Pokemon franchise. With new Pokemon, a new region, and a variety of gameplay features, it’s a great way to revisit the classic gameplay of the original games while also exploring something new.


Here are some of the features of Pokemon Blazed Glazed, a ROM hack of Pokemon Emerald that adds new content and improvements:

  • Expanded storyline with new characters, events, and locations.
  • All 386 Pokemon from generations 1-3 available to catch and train.
  • New music tracks and sound effects.
  • Updated graphics and sprites for characters and Pokemon.
  • New moves and abilities for Pokemon.
  • Rebalanced Pokemon stats and types.
  • Mega Evolutions for select Pokemon.
  • New items, including Mega Stones and other useful items.
  • New side quests and optional challenges.
  • Updated gym leaders and Elite Four battles.
  • Battle Frontier with new challenges and rewards.
  • Ability to play as a female character.
  • Time of day system affecting Pokemon encounters.
  • New mini-games and activities, such as a Pokemon Contest Hall and Battle Bingo.
  • New regions to explore, including the Orange Archipelago.
  • Day and night system with real-time events.
  • Increased level caps and improved AI for trainers.
  • Improved breeding mechanics for Pokemon.
  • Updated TM and HM moves.
  • Improved post-game content and hidden areas to explore.




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